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An invitation from The Geneva Learning Foundation

Special Event: Immunization Agenda 2030

You are invited to listen and learn from challenges faced by immunization colleagues from all over the world.










Who is this for?

  • National and sub-national immunization staff who want to learn from the challenges faced by colleagues.
  • Global and regional immunization partners are encouraged to listen, learn, and contribute in line with their commitment to Immunization Agenda 2030.

Why you matter for Immunization Agenda 2030

As an immunization professional working at the national or sub-national level, you are the key to leading the change needed to realize the Immunization Agenda 2030 (IA 2030) vision and strategy where you work and for the communities that you serve.

What is IA 2030?

To learn something new, we need to restructure the “space of possibility” – Alicia Juarrero

Why focus on our challenges?

We believe that disruptive, cross-cutting learning strategies that challenge traditional power dynamics are needed.

  • Problem-solving competencies are increasingly key to immunization programme performance.
  • Distributed networks can crowdsource solutions to problems by seeking help from peers facing similar challenges, even if working in different locations.
  • Such approaches can empower immunization professionals to apply local knowledge to solve problems and contribute to global expertise.

An evidence-based learning methodology

In 2020, the Foundation evaluated its challenge-based learning methodology, first used in the Teach to Reach programme's Immunization Training Challenge Hackathons (ITCH).

The evaluation found that this approach fostered large-scale individual learning that, when aggregated, could contribute to improve country-level outcomes.

Furthermore, such sessions offered support to those facing challenges, responsiveness to concerns, and fostered a sense of community.

One participant wrote, “the sessions were a support system to me.”


What is Immunization Agenda 2030?

What is the global challenge?

Immunization is one of the best health investments money can buy.

  • Yet despite tremendous progress, far too many people around the world – including nearly 20 million infants each year – have insufficient access to vaccines.
  • In some countries, progress has stalled or even reversed, and there is a real risk that complacency will undermine past achievements.

How is the global community responding?

To address these challenges over the next decade, a new global vision and strategy titled ‘Immunization Agenda 2030: A Global Strategy to Leave No One Behind (IA2030)’ has been endorsed by the World Health Assembly.

IA2030 requires broad ownership by all immunization and non-immunization stakeholders, including both health system strengthening and disease-specific initiatives. While WHO was asked to lead the development of IA2030, all stakeholders co-created, co-developed and now co-own it.


What is the Foundation’s immunization platform?

The Geneva Learning Foundation (TGLF) hosts the largest and fastest-growing community of national and sub-national immunization professionals, with over 34,000 active participants from over 120 countries, as of March 2021.

  1. Country focus: 80% of participants are sub-national immunization staff, with strong support and linkage to national teams.
  2. Engagement: TGLF content was accessed 117,000 times in March 2021.
  3. Empowerment: Recognizing the value of participant experience enables new leadership for change.
  4. Impact: The Social Network Analysis (SNA) in the visualization below captures dialogue and feedback between health professionals supporting each other to improve immunization services in 90 countries.  
Social network analysis of The Geneva Learning Foundation's immunization platform showing relationships between platform members