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Community Rules of Engagement

Welcome to The Geneva Learning Foundation (TGLF) community of learners. We have created these rules in partnership with our members to ensure a safe and supportive environment for learning and exchange. Please read and follow these guidelines. If you have any questions, thoughts, or suggestions, please contact us at [email protected].

These rules apply to all participants in TGLF learning events and activities, including posts and contributions made in any TGLF forum, whether oral or written.

  1. Keep your contributions relevant and on-topic.
  2. Be respectful of our community’s diversity. Our learners come from varied backgrounds, cultures, and languages worldwide. Make your contributions clear to avoid misunderstanding. Do not promote particular political or ideological views.
  3. Be polite and help maintain a respectful environment. Do not use profanity, crude language, or sexual content. Allow others to speak and do not monopolize discussions. Provide constructive feedback. Report any inappropriate escalation to TGLF.
  4. Do not make or encourage contributions that are dangerous, defamatory, false, abusive, obscene, or discriminatory against any group. You are legally responsible for your posts.
  5. Treat the forum as public. Your contributions, including name and image, can be seen by anyone online. TGLF records events and makes them publicly available.
  6. Do not use the forum for advertising or self-promotion. Contact TGLF about sponsorship opportunities.
  7. Always represent yourself accurately. Do not impersonate others.
  8. Complete your member profile to enable others to engage with you.
  9. Respect others’ privacy. Do not post anyone’s personal details without permission. Maintain confidentiality and do not share others’ stories in a way that identifies them without consent. Do not include other persons’ names or identifying details in what you share.
  10. Disclose any personal connection to a topic. Recuse yourself where appropriate.
  11. Cite and attribute any quotes or paraphrased content to the original source.
  12. Do not violate copyright. Only post content you have the right to reproduce. Discuss others’ work by summarizing in your own words.
  13. Only post links to websites that comply with TGLF’s policies and allow links.
  14. By submitting content to TGLF, you retain ownership but grant TGLF a perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to use it to advance our mission. We will request permission before associating your content with your name or image.
  15. TGLF reserves the right to enforce these rules, including removing unsuitable content and excluding members as warranted. Rules may be updated over time.
  16. Help maintain our standards by reporting inappropriate content to [email protected].