You are invited to The Geneva Learning Foundation’s Learning & Leadership Dialogue.

The Dialogue connects a very diverse group of learning leaders from all over the world who are tackling complex learning, leadership, and impact challenges.

Join us in a roundtable to discuss the latest trends, to share your lessons learned and successes, and to problem-solve real-world challenges and dilemmas.

The Dialogue is also a master class with Karen Watkins and Reda Sadki as they explore and demonstrate how The Foundation’s unique approach to learning, leadership, and impact in the Digital Age can be applied.










Do you have a challenge, success story, or lesson learned that you would like us to explore?

Do you have a story you would like to share that has to do with learning, leadership, or impact? It can, of course, be related to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it does not have to be.

If you decide to share, you will be asked 10 open-ended questions to help us understand your story.

  • You only have to answer the first two questions, but the more you tell us, the more likely we are to have some interesting dialogue around what you shared.
  • We will select stories received to discuss, explore, and problem-solve them together.
  • We will probably invite you to join the panel to tell us more.

Karen Watkins

In the Dialogue, Karen Watkins draws on a lifetime of study, research, and action around learning culture, performance, leadership, and change.

Reda Sadki

In the Dialogue, Reda Sadki, shares his singular insights on current issues, and explores how the Foundation’s unique methodology can be applied to learning and leadership challenges of all kinds.

Karen’s biographical sketch
Read Reda’s blog

Listen to the second TGLF Dialogue on learning, leadership, and impact

On 25 April 2021, Karen Watkins and Reda Sadki were joined by seven Key Contributors: Carolina Danovaro, Nancy Dixon, Katiuscia Fara, Bill Gardner, Bryan Hopkins, Barbara Moser-Mercer, and Renee Rogers.

Here are a few of the questions we explored in the second Dialogue on learning, leadership, and impact:

  • How can we promote learning within organizations about social and environmental sustainability?
  • How do we support public health and other essential workers post-pandemic?
  • How do we begin to heal collective trauma in the face of challenges that include climate change, polarization, and racism?
  • How do we as learning facilitators speed up time-to-capability without sacrificing quality and effectiveness?
  • How do we build course syllabi for fragile contexts that transition students to problem-based and collaborative learning?

Listen to the first TGLF Dialogue on learning, leadership, and impact

We opened up the first Dialogue on 28 March 2021 to include real-world challenges, successes, and lessons learned from over 150 that were submitted by invitees. Those we discussed include:

  • Children adapting to digital learning in Lebanon during the COVID-19 period with involvement of girls actually increasing because of the use of digital technology.
  • How to deal with resistance against peer-supported learning in pyramid organizational hierarchy.
  • Bringing a single digital infrastructure for data collection across a global network.
Social network analysis of The Geneva Learning Foundation's immunization platform showing relationships between platform members