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What is The Double Loop?

  • The Double Loop is an email newsletter sharing analysis and insights grounded in the voices, views and experiences of learners participating in The Geneva Learning Foundation’s immunization and other Primary Health Care (PHC) programmes.
  • We host the world’s largest and fastest-growing community, network, and platform of national and sub-national health professionals, connecting over 45,000 active participants from 100 countries. More than 80% of members work in districts and facilities.

What is “double-loop learning”?

“Double-loop” learning theorized by Chris Argyris entails the modification of goals or decision-making rules in the light of experience.

  • The first loop uses the goals or decision-making rules, the second loop enables their modification, hence “double-loop”.
  • Double-loop learning recognizes that the way a problem is defined and solved can be a source of the problem.

At the Geneva Learning Foundation, we realized that the valuable multi-country knowledge shared in our programmes should be regularly given back to the community, and that it could also inform our partners in identifying real-time priorities and opportunities and formulating strategies.

Who makes The Double Loop?

The Geneva Learning Foundation supports a global health network of more than 50,000 health professionals:

  • Most work in health facilities and districts. Half work for government and half for civil society organizations. Half are francophones.
  • 62% work in remote rural areas; 47% with the urban poor.
  • 36% support the needs of nomadic/migrant populations.
  • 25% work with refugees or internally displaced populations (IDPs)
  • 21% face armed conflict
  • Many have deep experience in responding to epidemic outbreaks and other health and humanitarian crises.

Global and regional partners who recognize the significance of local action to achieve the global goals are invited to review and contribute to The Double Loop.


Peer learning in action 

Each issue is organized around specific themes. You will discover successes, lessons learned, and challenges shared by health professionals from all over the world.

How you can become a Contributor

  1. You receive a new issue of The Double Loop in your  email inbox.
  2. As you read the stories and experiences shared by fellow practitioners, you will notice that there are links throughout inviting you to share your comments in response to what you read – as well as your own story.
  3. If your comment or insight is selected, it will be published in The Double Loop.

The Double Loop is one component of the Knowledge to Action Hub of the Movement for Immunization Agenda 2030 (IA2030)

The IA2030 Knowledge to Action Hub was created by and for Leaders of the Movement for Immunization Agenda 2030 (IA2030), a global movement of health professionals from over 100 countries.

The Hub provides the gateway to the experiential knowledge and local expertise used by Movement practitioners to tackle priority challenges in their work on the road to achieving the goals of Immunization Agenda 2030, a strategy adopted unanimously by the World Health Assembly in 2020.

  • If you are a local practitioner, you rely on the experiences of the colleagues you work with. By joining the Movement, you will tap into the ideas and practices of thousands of practitioners. You can use this shared experience to find new solutions and adapt them to your own challenges.
  • If you work in the national planning team, you can use this knowledge to gain insights into what works at the local levels to inform your plans and decisions.
  • If you are regional or global technical staff, the Hub provides a new input to strengthen the norms, standards, and support that you provide to countries.

Our partners for The Double Loop

Bridges to Development

Bridges is led by a team of experienced professionals who have demonstrated commitment and delivered solutions to global problems throughout their careers, leveraging experience in diverse organizations such as Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance, The Global Fund and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bridges to Development

To help realize this promise for billions around the world, IVAC builds knowledge and provides the evidence base for the value of vaccines. Since 2009, we have served as a trusted partner for governments, international agencies, research groups, and non-profit organizations seeking to advance access to life-saving immunizations for all people.

Bridges to Development