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Listen to the Foundation’s podcast

Launched in July 2021, our podcast includes the best of our live-streamed content in a convenient, low-bandwidth audio format that you can listen to anywhere, any time. Share your details to get access and receive exclusive invitations.

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Note: Most episodes were recorded live and the first five minutes you will only hear the countdown music. Use your podcast player to skip to the five-minute mark when the episode starts.

What is the Foundation’s podcast about?

The Foundation’s unique approach to education as a philosophy for change fosters the emergence of self-motivated learners who become leaders for change. The podcast is a crossroads for a new kind of dialogue – and an opportunity to listen in.   

A broad range of topics are covered, ranging from immunization to women's health, noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), neglected tropical diseases (NTD), humanitarian response, digital communication, and leadership for learning.

The common thread is the Foundation’s mission to support practitioners to find better ways to learn and lead to face the threats to our societies.

A new kind of Dialogue for Learning & Leadership

The Foundation’s podcast shares the latest evidence and practice that Chief Learning Officers and other learning leaders need to pay attention to.

The Foundation’s Dialogue for Learning & Leadership connects a very diverse group of learning leaders from all over the world who are tackling complex learning, leadership, and impact challenges. 

A two-way dialogue connecting global partners with local practitioners

The Foundation works in partnership with Bridges to Development to support practitioners in countries leading urgent action to support neglected needs of women’s health.

Podcast episodes have included a special event in which health professionals from 18 African countries shared their experience in tackling Female Genital Schistosomiasis (FGS), a neglected tropical disease that affects an estimated 56 million women and girls.

Listen to voices from the world’s largest digital health platform of national and sub-national immunization leaders

The world's countries have adopted a new strategy for immunization, dubbed “Immunization Agenda 2030”.

Tune in to hear how health professionals in facilities and districts are working together in new ways to turn this strategy into action, results, and – ultimately – impact.

Listen to frontline staff share their challenges – and grow stronger by exploring together how to overcome them.

We invite you to listen to new voices for Immunization Agenda 2030 in the Geneva Learning Foundation’s new podcast.

Our podcast is a great way for country, regional, and global partners to listen to their voices.

Tune in to witness the birth of the Movement for Immunization Agenda 2030.


Accelerating progress to end the COVID-19 pandemic

Listen in on the challenges of COVID-19 vaccine introduction in our rapid learning series.

TGLF's alumni self-organize inter-country peer learning convening health professionals from all health system levels to share their experience and problem-solve how to overcome barriers and accelerate progress.

Recent exchanges brought together Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea, Nigeria, and Pakistan.

Lightning chats for busy professionals who need to stay current

TGLF's interviews with global immunization leaders such as Anuradha Gupta (Gavi), Violaine Mitchell (BMGF), and Kate O'Brien (WHO) provide a new forum for two-way dialogue with people who deliver vaccines.

Rapid-fire Lightning Chats connect global experts with people who deliver vaccines in countries. Topics and guests have included:

  • Gender and immunization with Michela Manna and Shirin Heidari (WHO)
  • Life course vaccination with Laura Nic Lochlainn (WHO)
  • Immunization for Primary health care with Folake Olayinka (USAID)
  • People-Centered Immunization Services with Francine Ganter Restrepo (WHO)
  • Reasons for Missed Opportunities for Vaccination with Laura Nic Lochlainn (WHO)