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A Special Event by and for health professionals concerned about climate and health, supported by Bridges to Development and The Geneva Learning Foundation.

From community to planet:
Health professionals on the frontlines of climate change










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Who is this for?

This special event is for frontline health professionals who are concerned about the effects of climate on communities. You do not need any special expertise in climate science to participate or to share your observations.

Whether we are a community health worker, nurse, doctor, midwife, pharmacist, public health specialist, or any other health practitioner, our firsthand experience and observations can help better understand the relationship between climate and health.

Country, region, and global climate and/or health partners are invited to listen and learn.

What is the goal?

The goal of this inaugural event is dialogue between frontline health professionals on health and climate.

  • Sharing local insights and observations is a key step in understanding the relationship between climate change and health.
  • We want to learn from each other to find the path to a healthier and more resilient future.
  • Ultimately, we aim to call the global community to action, underpinned by our local expertise and experience as health professionals, working hand-in-hand with the communities we serve.

Why share our experience?

Some of what we know can only be known because we are there every day, working daily for the health of families.

We ask you to join us by sharing the changes you have observed in the health of the community you serve and in climate-related events.


By sharing our experience, we make it real

We highlight the real-life impacts of climate change on health, adding urgency and specificity to calls for action.

We contribute to a global dialogue to shape climate change and health strategies.

We inspire other health professionals to think and take action against the health impacts of climate change.

We inform global partners committed to supporting communities facing the consequences of climate change, if they are willing to listen.

Your contribution will help make this a reality.


What we know matters

Our observations are knowledge.

Our on-the-ground experience is vital to assemble the puzzle of the complex relationship between climate change and health.

We believe in our own capacity to accelerate and improve how we collect and share information about the impact climate change has on the health of the communities we serve.

We believe this will provide new evidence and insights that decision makers should use to make choices when creating policy related to climate change and human health.

What we are seeking to know and why

  • About you: We want to know who you are, where you work, and your relationship with the community whose health you serve. This helps us understand your background.
  • Changes in climate: Have you noticed any changes in weather or environment? Or changes in the job situations or safety of people due to these?
  • Changes in health: What is changing in the health of the community you serve? Your experience can point us towards key health issues.
  • Connecting climate and health: Do you think there is a link between the changes in weather, environment, or climate and people's health? Even if you are not an expert in climate change, your observations based on your experiences could be valuable.

Your answers could help colleagues from all over the world better understand how our changing climate may be affecting people's health.


This Special Event is supported by The Geneva Learning Foundation and Bridges to Development.